Are You Prepared if Disaster Strikes?

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Are You Prepared If Disaster Strikes? 

with Dr. Wesley Bissett, DVM, Ph.D.

It is never a bad time to be prepared! This session will provide information on how to make a plan and build an emergency kit for pets. You will also learn about what resources are available to you and your community to be papered when a disaster strikes. 

“Serving our state and nation every day” this is the motto of the Veterinary Emergency Team (VET) at Texas A&M University. They deploy the largest and most sophisticated veterinary medical disaster response team in the country, developing and providing cutting edge emergency management education, development of new knowledge in emergency preparedness education and response. This presentation will provide you with the understanding of the response, outreach, education, service, and research provided by VET.

Learning Outcomes

1.      Participants will understand the value of placing veterinary medical teams with search and rescue teams.

2.      Participants will be able to describe the specific advances this relationship yields in the search process.

3.      Participants will be able to describe preparedness efforts on behalf of animals that should be a component of every emergency plan.

4.      Participants will be able to describe resources available from the Texas A&M VET.


Presenter Information:

Wesley Bissett, DVM, PhD

Associate Professor and Director, Texas A&M Veterinary Emergency Team


Wesley Bissett is an Associate Professor and Director of the Texas A&M Veterinary Emergency Team.  He received his DVM from Texas A&M University in 1997.  After three years in a private practice that he owned, developed, and operated, Dr. Bissett returned to Texas A&M as a member of the faculty and completed a PhD in microbiology with a focus in Environmental Epidemiology while also being actively involved with clinical and teaching activities in the food animal section of the Large Animal Clinical Sciences Department.  Following the experiences of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita on the campus and region, he became focused on disaster preparedness and response and a leader in the College’s new initiatives to respond to animal issues during emergencies and disasters.  In 2009, Hurricane Ike impacted Texas and initiated the formation of the Texas A&M Veterinary Emergency Team at the request of the Texas Animal Health Commission and Division of Emergency Management.  Dr. Bissett has been the Director of the Veterinary Emergency Team since its inception and has presided over the development of a 42 person team with assets valued at approximately 2 million dollars.  In addition, he has led the development of the Nation’s first required clinical rotation in emergency preparedness and response.


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