Accelerate Your Business with Dog Agility

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Target Audience: Beginning Trainer, Intermediate Trainer, Advanced Trainer
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 Learn how having a dog agility program can benefit your business by providing your students an activity for bonding with their dog. This webinar will cover the first steps in building a strong agility program to the level that it can promote itself through your students. The speakers of this webinar have used these techniques to build a 15,000 square foot indoor agility arena in Texas and are excited about sharing them with you.


Presenter Information:

Gerry has been teaching Agility since 1997. In 2002 he moved to the outskirts of Austin, Texas and opened DePaw Agility Training Center in Manor. Gerry teaches a variety of skills so that all handlers (regardless of athletic ability) and all dogs can have fun and be successful. With a full range of available skills, handlers can analyze and make effective handling decisions.

Above all Gerry believes that Agility should be fun for both the handler and dog. He looks for positive and creative ways to motivate dogs through timely and well-placed rewards and through playing games with the dogs that result in the desired behaviors. More importantly than anything though, Gerry believes that agility can enhance and strengthen the lifelong bond that is built between dogs and handlers.

Trevor started training dogs at the age of six. At the age of sixteen, he began instructing his own private lessons and classes. With over twenty years of experience in training dogs, his passion is to use his experiences over the years to help people grow closer to their canine companions. In 2015, he launched a dog training educational platform called Doggie Dojo to help people discover the path to life with their dog.



  • IACP: 1 CEU
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APDT Webinar list