Reality Bites Part 1: Causes and Classifications of Dog Aggression

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Reality Bites Part 1: Causes and Classifications of Dog Aggression

with Pat Miller

Aggression cases make up the vast majority of our private consultation cases here at Peaceable Paws. In this first in a series of three eLearning events we will look at the causes and classifications of various types of aggression. We will examine the differences and similarities of various manifestations of aggression, how to recognize what you are dealing with, and advice on how to proceed. Learn how to help clients understand that it is *rarely* about dominance, and almost *always* about stress.


Learning Objectives:

Attendees of this course will:

  • Review various forms and causes of canine aggression
  • Examine ways to prevent canine aggression

Target Level of Knowledge:

It is assumed that attendees of this event:

  • Are not familiar with types and causes of canine aggression or,
  •  Are  familiar with, but interested in a concise review of, types and causes of canine aggression
Presenter Information:
Pat Miller is a Certified Behavior Consultant, Canine (KA), Certified Professional Dog Trainer (KA), is past president of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers (US), currently sits on the board of the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers, and is on the faculty of the Kenyon Canine Institute. Miller offers group good manners classes, private training and behavior modification services, dog training workshops, (including her very popular Reactive Rover workshops) and trainer academies at her Peaceable Paws 80-acre training facility in Fairplay, Maryland, where she and her husband Paul live with their four dogs, three-and-a-half cats, six horses, four chickens and a pot-bellied pig. In addition, Miller presents seminars and workshops around the world on a variety of training and behavior topics. She has authored six books on dog behavior and training: “The Power of Positive Dog Training,” “Positive Perspectives,” “Positive Perspectives 2,” “Play With Your Dog,” “Do-Over Dogs,” and “How to Foster Dogs; From Homeless to Homeward Bound.” Miller is training editor for TheWhole Dog Journal, and also writes for several other publications.


  • CCPDT: 1.5 CEUs
  • IACP: 1.5 CEUs
  • KPA: 1.5 CEUs
  • IAABC: 1.5 CEUs



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