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APDT eLearning Certificate CoursesWhether you train puppy kindergarten, agility, search and rescue, competition, or work with aggression, the Association of Professional Dog Trainers is the premier educational organization for you! More about the APDT.

Courses and Programs

Annual Conference

APDT is proud to offer the largest dog training conference in the industry. Each year, conference includes an impressive line-up of speakers, both the ones you love as well as up and coming educators. A wide variety of topics are available for novice trainers as well as veterans, including hands-on workshops with live animals.

Multi-Week Online Courses

APDT eLearning multi-week online courses take place during specific dates, but are designed to be flexible to your schedule. Each course includes weekly lectures, an online discussion forum (private to the course), and homework assignments. (Courses Offered)

eLearning Courses (Webinars)

APDT has nearly 80 "on-demand" lecture recording ready and waiting for you! Search by speaker or topic, and find a wide variety of information that is available when and where you want it. Learn various aspects of the dog training profession, including learning, behavior, health and nutrition, laws and regulations, business, and general industry topics by professionals from around the world.

Member-Sponsored Events

One of our membership benefits is the privilege of posting seminar/event information free of charge on our website. Check out non-APDT events that are going on in your community or online!



The APDT has many great, ready-to-use resources that are perfect for anyone looking to learn more about dog training, for linking to your own website, for downloading to share with your colleagues and clients, and more.

The APDT Chronicle of the Dog

The APDT Chronicle of the Dog Publication

The quarterly The APDT Chronicle of the Dog keeps APDT members abreast of contemporary pet dog training techniques and provides a lively forum for discussion of dog training and behavior issues.