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dog looking downWhy advertise in The APDT Chronicle of the Dog?

The APDT Chronicle of the Dog is a solid investment for your advertising dollars. Your message can impact over 6,000 readers!

  • Targeted audience. There are no wasted dollars reaching out to people who don't fit your demographic!
  • Far-reaching impact. Our subscribers network with thousands of others a year -- dog owners, veterinarians, groomers, petsitters and other pet professionals. Talk to us ... and your message ripples into communities across the nation. The APDT Chronicle of the Dog is also part of the collections of several major veterinary libraries.
  • Influence. APDT members influence product and service purchase decisions. Dog owners look to their trainers for recommendations.
  • Quality. The APDT Chronicle of the Dog won a prestigious Dog Writers Association of America award in 2009 for Best Magazine: Special Interest Dog or All Animal Magazine. Our publication has become the premier resource for innovative dog training education.

Take advantage of the opportunity to put your message in front of over 5,000 APDT members. You can't afford to skip an issue!