Standards of Practice

Adopted September 27, 2016

The Standards of Practice for the members of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers provide a framework of principles to convey a collective vision of professionalism, skills and values. As a member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers (APDT), each individual member will undertake the following:

  • To understand and promote Least Invasive, Minimally Aversive (LIMA)
  • To work on achieving the goals found in the APDT's Body of Knowledge (BOK) required for those practicing as dog trainers and behavior counselors.
  • To continue professional development by reading relevant material; attending conferences, workshops and seminars; and pursuing other educational opportunities.
  • To refrain from representing dog training and behavioral information as scientific, unless the information is derived from peer-reviewed and published research.
  • To refrain from offering guarantees regarding the outcome of training.
  • To maintain professionalism at all times by:
    • Providing honest services
    • Treating all dogs and clients with respect
    • Respecting the privacy of member clients
    • Maintaining professionalism related to colleagues and other professionals and not condemning the character of their professional acts.