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APDT 2017 Membership Committee Charter

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Operational Alignment:  Pursue opportunities to learn more about the reasons and factors why trainers join and/or leave the association.

Mission:  To work towards improving membership growth, membership retention and the return on investment for current and prospective members.

Purpose (Role):

  1. To evaluate the effectiveness of the member ambassador program.
  2. To pursue membership benefits from the supporting members, exhibitors and sponsors to promote to the membership.
  3. To survey the membership with respect to return on investment, reasons for joining, etc.
  4. To discuss and implement membership retention strategies.

Deliverables:  Creating and communicating new and vibrant membership benefits to the membership.  Develop statistical information and metrics to determine how to better retain members.  Chair is responsible to provide a written report each month to be included in the Board consent agenda.

Prerequisite Experience:  Background in evaluating membership growth and retention strategies, and surveying. 

Resources:  The task force will work with the following staff: APDT Executive Director. Communications will be via email, with one (1) conference call per month until all tasks are completed.

Authority/Limitations:  Members of the task force are not official representatives of the APDT and cannot represent the APDT on a local, national or international level without the prior written permission from the Board.

Number of Members:  4-6 Members + Officer Liaison + Staff

Chair: Heidi Dixner

Method of Task Force Member Selection:  The Board of Directors shall appoint the Chair to the task force and will work with the Chair to appoint the at-large members to the task force. Members of the task force are required to sign the APDT confidentiality and conflict of interest forms.

Accountability:  The Chair and task force members are responsible to the Executive Director and the board of directors.

Frequency of Meetings:  Conference calls will be held on a monthly basis and may become more frequent per the direction of the chair.  Other work will be communicated electronically via email or through the online community.

Proposed Date:  ASAP
Effective Date: January 1, 2017
Duration:  9 Months
Community Group:  2017 Membership Task Force

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