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APDT 2017 Education Committee Charter

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Operational Alignment:  Develop and evaluate educational opportunities that are included in the APDT strategic plan.

Mission:  To ensure that the association's educational programs meet the expectations of the membership and public.

Purpose (Role):

  1. To serve as industry experts in the development of educational programs.
  2. To assist in creating speaker criteria.
  3. To provide speaker and/or topic ideas.
  4. To assist in determining if webinars and multi-week course content being used are current.

Deliverables:  Reporting on new educational opportunities, status of multi-week courses and webinars, and metrics to determine their success.  Chair is responsible to provide a written report each month to be included in the Board consent agenda.

Prerequisite Experience:  Experience with educational program development.  Previous experience as a speaker or education provider preferred, but not necessary.

Resources:  The committee will work with the following staff: APDT Director of Education. Communications will be via email, with one (1) conference call every other month.  Committee members should plan to attend the 2017 APDT conference in Richmond, VA to participate in an in-person committee meeting.

Authority/Limitations:  Members of the committee are not official representatives of the APDT and cannot represent the APDT on a local, national or international level without the prior written permission from the Board.

Number of Members:  4-6 Members + Board Liaison + Director of Education

Chair: Irith Bloom

Method of Committee Member Selection:  The Board of Directors shall appoint the Chair to the committee.  The members of the committee will be selected from a call for volunteers from the general membership. Members of the committee are required to sign the APDT confidentiality and conflict of interest forms.

Accountability:  The Chair and committee members are responsible to the Executive Director and the board of directors.

Frequency of Meetings:  Conference calls will be held on a bi-monthly basis and may become more frequent when the chair deems necessary.  Other work will be communicated electronically via email or through the online community.

Proposed Date:  ASAP
Effective Date: January 1, 2017
Duration:  12 months
Community Group:  2017 Education Committee


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