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2011 Award Winners

APDT Ian Dunbar Member of the Year 2011

Teoti Anderson

Teoti Anderson has been a professional trainer for more than 17 years, and owns Pawsitive Results, LLC in Lexington, SC. She is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer and Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner. Teoti is the author of Your Outta Control Puppy, Super Simple Guide to HousetrainingPuppy Care and Training, and Quick and Easy Crate Training, winner of the Dog Writers Association of America’s Maxwell Medallion. She is a contributing author to Christmas Dogs: A Literary Companion and The Dog Trainer's Resource: An APDT Chronicle of the Dog Collection (1 and 2). She is also a columnist for Modern Dog magazine. She's been quoted in Dog Fancy magazine, The New York Times, Whole Dog Journal, Puppies USA, and other national publications.

Teoti's first APDT conference was Phoenix, Arizona, and she has attended ever since! She soon became involved with the PR Committee, serving as its chair for several years before running for the Board of Directors. Teoti served on the Board of Directors of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers (APDT) for six years, serving as President from 2004-2006. Even though she no longer serves on the Board, she has continued to serve the Association as an editor-at-large for the APDT Chronicle of the Dog, conference speaker, and general advisor. It is a testament to Teoti's passion for this Association that when we call, she can see the caller ID ... but she still picks up the phone.

Premier (2011) Shelter Worker Award

Mara Whitacre

Mara Whitacre began developing her compassion for dogs and her enthusiasm for training as a child where she helped her father train and socialize Bull Mastiff puppies. After learning positive reinforcement training as an animal trainer and zoo keeper at Zoo Atlanta, Mara felt there was a great need for positive reinforcement dog training in her area.

Mara started a Volunteer Dog Training Program at Atlanta Pet Rescue and Adoption. Through the Volunteer Dog Training Program, she has been able to promote and train positive reinforcement to the shelter volunteers, adopters, and the community. Mara is currently the lead dog trainer for Atlanta Pet Rescue and Adoption and a strong advocate for positive reinforcement training in the Atlanta area.

Dogwise (2011) John Fisher Essay Award

Tamara Dormer

Tamara Dormer was inspired to become a dog trainer by her dog Teddy. Now an upstanding 11 year old Canine Good Citizen, as a puppy, Teddy displayed aggression over many things and showed severe neurological symptoms.

Tamara has been training professionally with Best Friend Animal Society since 2008. She loves working with shy and fearful dogs, though she also enjoys the challenges of working with aggressive dogs. In her essay, Tamara explores how Alex was able to come a long way towards trusting people. To Tamara, training provides an important opportunity to build and strengthen a relationship between a dog and a person. In her experience, patient training can work with all dog issues.

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Dr. Robert Curran NewTrix (2011) Video Award

Casey Newton

Casey Newton is the founder and owner of Wonder Puppy – Puppy Parenting Center, a full-service puppy school and supply store in Portland, Oregon. Casey teaches private and group classes where she specializes in slow-integration socialization, anxiety and leash-reactivity prevention. An advocate for setting standards in the dog training industry, Casey is also curriculum director and a founder of the Whole Dog Academy.

Casey’s biggest inspirations have come from her wonder Collie, Jackson as well as positive reinforcement trainers who have taught her to train “outside the box.” Creating her first training video allowed Casey to combine her love of art with her passion for dog training. She sees more videos in her future. – and ours.