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2010 Award Winners

APDT Ian Dunbar Member of the Year 2010

Janice F. Patton, MEd, CPDT-KA, CDBC

Janice Patton has been a driving force within the APDT and its Awards Committee/Task Force for 10 years. Janice attended her first APDT conference in 1997. She joined the committee in 1999 and began chairing it in 2006. She has implemented new awards, improved older ones, increased award value to meet economic times and most difficult of all, maintained a level head in the face of chaos!

Janice has a master's degree in education from the University of Texas and graduated with honors from the San Francisco SPCA Training Academy Counseling program. She was awarded Best Dog Behavior Miracle Worker from the Austin Chronicle. Her first dog-related volunteer work was with the Austin SPCA and she still consults on special behavior cases.

Janice started her business, ARF - A Real Friend Dog Training Inc., in 1998. This full-service business offers group and private training instruction; boarding; board and train; day care; and seminars for clients, veterinary personnel, shelters and rescue groups. Facilities include indoor and outdoor spaces as well as an Agility course, an in-ground swimming pool and a brand new Canine Confidence Course - a seven-spiral labyrinth complete with different surfaces and obstacles for the dogs.

Janice lives with her husband, Butch, seven senior dogs and two youngsters - a Chinese Crested and a Briard. Most of her dogs are from local rescues, and she says they teach her at least as much as she teaches them.

The APDT is thankful for volunteers like Janice Patton. Without her and many others like her, we wouldn't be the successful professional association we are today.

APDT 2010 Caninitarian Award

Luke Robinson

Luke Robinson's first interest in college was pre-med, but while his passion for medicine and science continue to this day, he soon discovered his talents lay elsewhere and he switched to business. While an undergraduate at the University of Texas at San Antonio, Robinson developed the idea for a management consulting company. In 2002, Robinson's company was honored with the prestigious 40 Under 40 Award by the San Antonio Business Journal.

In 2003 Robinson moved the firm to Boston, Massachusetts along with his two Great Pyrenees, Malcolm and Murphy. In their new home less than a year, Malcolm was diagnosed with osteosarcoma. Despite chemotherapy and the amputation of his front leg, on January 11, 2006 Malcolm ultimately lost his battle to cancer. No one could answer Robinson's simple question: why had Malcolm died from cancer?

On March 16, 2008 Robinson set out on foot with Murphy and his new furry companion Hudson to find answers. What started as a walk to discover what had taken Malcolm from him, has since matured into a nationally recognized organization dedicated to building collaborative efforts among individuals, groups, communities and institutions that seek to find the causes of canine cancer.

Robinson's business acumen resulted in the non-profit organization 2 Dogs 2000 Miles. Since March 2008, the journey Robinson and the boys have traveled has touched the lives of thousands of people. Robinson's entrepreneurial spirit continues in 2 Million Dogs 2 Miles, which was formed on the premise that if two dogs can walk 2,000 miles to bring awareness to cancer, then 2 million dogs should be able to walk 2 miles to continue the mission. Since arriving back home in Boston June 19th of this year, he continues to fight for the principles he believes in and continues to seek answers.

Karen A. Deeds

Comfort Zone with D.A.P.™ 2010 Community Educator of the Year Award

In 1990 Karen Deeds began volunteering with a local humane society. Over the course of nearly two decades, she has expanded her knowledge of dogs and dog behavior by working with local search and rescue team members, detection dog trainers and handlers, assistance dog users, shelters, humane societies, rescue groups, and thousands of pet dog owners.

Working with dogs who had behavior concerns led her to open Canine Connection, her co-owned successful Ft. Worth-based training and canine behavior business. She specializes in problem behaviors and helps the rescue community with assessments, training, and behavior modification and placement recommendations. She is also a field representative for Paws with a Cause and builds awareness about the benefit of dogs in the community with her demonstration dog, Rock.

In 2009, Karen received the Community Award from the Tarrant County Veterinary Medical Association for her work in the canine community. She also won the first annual Extreme Mutt Makeover. Ten trainers from all over Texas and ten dogs from a local shelter were each given seven weeks to train basic skills and uncover any of the dog's special talents to be performed during a two day competition. Tess, the dog she trained, found a loving forever home and Karen joined the event's volunteer staff in 2010.

We are proud to have her as the first ever recipient of the Comfort Zone with D.A.P. 2010 Community Educator of the Year Award.

Premier Shelter Award

Amanda J. Kowalski, BS Amanda Kowalski is an Animal Behavior and Training Assistant and one of the Lead Trainers for the Anti-Cruelty Society (SPCA of Illinois) in Chicago. Her commitment to shelter work began almost ten years ago when she was a junior volunteer. Because of her experience in this first volunteer job, she realized that working to provide shelter dogs with a better quality of life was her new goal.

While at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Amanda was given the opportunity to study abroad with Dr. Roger Abrantes. The knowledge and skills she gained from this opportunity solidified her goal and when she returned to the Anti-Cruelty Society, she began developing a shelter enrichment program beneficial to the dogs, volunteers and the community. This program has since been called the Finishing School Enrichment Program.

As a member of the Behavior Department, Amanda has worked with a wide range of dogs. She instructs basic, intermediate, and advanced obedience classes, as well as trick, Rally and CGC prep courses. Her drive to continue her education in the veterinary and behavioral sciences exemplify her dedication and commitment to enhance the quality of life for shelter dogs and her community.

Dogwise John Fisher Essay Scholarship

Ann Allums, CPDT-KA Ann Allums' experience during the weeks and months following Hurricane Katrina are recounted in her story Positively Fearless. She tells the story of Sarge through rescue, rehabilitation and her eventual adoption of him four years later.

Ann believes she was born with a love of dogs. She began volunteering at humane societies in 1989. The rewards from training her own dogs to overcome behavior problems ultimately led to her career change and she does not regret her decision to follow her passion.

Ann's professional training experience began at PETsMART, where she taught training classes for a year and a half. From there, she was hired six years ago by Best Friends Animal Society, where she receives plenty of on-the-job training by working with about 400 dogs, 60 caregivers, and numerous adopters. She has worked with dogs rescued from puppy mills, fighting rings, hoarding situations, abuse cases, and disaster areas. The classes she teaches to the staff include Practical Skills for Dogs, Agility, Reactive Dogs, Nose Work, Dog Introductions, Flexigility, and Canine Freestyle.

Her specialty is teaching dogs to think while using a gentle approach with dogs and owners. She particularly enjoys the challenge of channeling the behavior of high-energy dogs. We are extremely pleased that as of September 2010, Ann will be joining the APDT as our Special Programs Coordinator where she will use her position to further the promotion of training through Rally, C.L.A.S.S. and other programs.

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The Dr. Robert Curran NewTrix Video Award

Pamela Johnson, BS, MA, CPDT-KA Pamela Johnson has had an affection for animals since childhood. Working on her first movie set with her dog Isabelle inspired Pamela to pursue her dream of training animals. Under the hot, hot lights of the stage of Shakespaws, an independent film by dog for dogs, Pamela decided she wanted to help other people with their dogs.

Already a full-time physical education teacher, she opened Pam's Dog Academy in 2006. Through her business, she offers in-home training and teaches family dog classes and trick classes. Her specialty is trick training, but she also loves working with puppies and reactive dogs. She has just purchased land to build a dog training facility that she hopes to open in 2011.

Her passion is training her Husky mix, Isabelle and her Border Collie, Bandit, for Agility and Canine Freestyle. She also enjoys running with her dogs in the mornings and visiting different places where her dogs can enjoy many unique experiences. She especially loves going on vacation with her dogs, and has just added a new Border Collie puppy, Twix, to her household.

Pamela successfully combined her love of film and training dogs to create this year's winning video Barking at the Doorbell in which tugging is used to eliminate pesky barking at the doorbell or the guests.

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