Award Winners (2005)

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Lisa Clifton-Bumpass, CPDT

APDT Outstanding Trainer of the Year 2005
Lisa started training professionally in 1996 and opened her business, Pawsitive Steps Dog Training in 1998.  She specializes in private consultation of aggression cases.  Lisa runs a difficult dog training group called "Java Dogs" as well as other training groups that offer help and support to pet dog owners and other trainers.

Cindy and John McArthur, Levi and Nitro

APDT & TFH/Nylabone Search and Rescue Dog of the Year
Cindy has been a dog trainer for thirty years and John began his training career eight years ago. Levi and Nitro are both certified in air scent and article detection. Both are trained with positive reinforcement and mounds of praise and love to encourage their dogs during all training exercises. Favorite rewards are a vinyl pink piggy and a jar of baby food.

Janece Rollet and Ellen Sam

APDT Member of the Year
Janece and Ellen are charter members of APDT.  They have supported the APDT is by working tirelessly at the last 11 conferences.

Janece owns Shepherds Crossing, a Boarding and Training Kennel. It is one of the first kennels to have canine playgroups and aromatherapy to reduce stress. Janece trains service dogs for the disabled. She also owns Dog’s Day, a doggie daycare which also offers evening group classes for puppies through adult advanced obedience classes using positive reinforcement methods.

Ellen Sam was a handler of Police Patrol for several years. In 1997, she started with Shepherds Crossing training service dogs. She is a trainer at Dogs' Day giving both group and private lessons.

Merope Pavlides

Compliant Canines, LLC
Dogwise John Fisher Essay Award

Merope Pavlides owns Compliant Canines. Helpful to her family oriented training business is her education specializing in children with autism. Merope's philosophy is that, "It's all about the family . . . helping dogs and their humans become a successful family unit."

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Karen Barta

Premier Shelter Staff Award
Karen shares her home with husband, Grant, and 4 dogs; all adopted from shelters, and always has a foster dog.  She is the trainer for the Humane Society of Truckee/Tahoe, works for the Town of Truckee Animal Control and still has time for her own business, Pups at Their Peaks which she started this year.  Foremost, she is dedicated to the dogs at the shelter with a particular interest in fearful or undersocialized dogs.

Rachele Harrington

Premier Shelter Staff Award
Rachele lives with Emily, a 3 legged Pit Bull, circulating foster dogs, 2 cats, and a rat, Gladys.  Her training business is Mine Your Manners "Training for your canine friend." In her free time, by day she is a Vet assistant at Progressive Animal Welfare Society.  She also runs a Min Pin/Chihuahua Rescue, has a Puppy Club, and gives group and private classes at Progressive Animal Welfare Society.  Rachele is looking forward to testing for her CPDT in October.

Ellen Taylor

Premier Shelter Staff Award
Ellen Taylor works at the Cleveland Animal Protective League. She shares her life with her 3 dogs. Because of Ellen’s dedication, she is instrumental in changing her agency from a last resort to a community resource. Ellen wants to put into action proactive and innovative programs by using what she learns at APDT this year.