About the Association of Professional Dog Trainers

About Our Organization

Who We Are

The Association of Professional Dog Trainers (APDT) is a professional organization of individual trainers who are committed to becoming better trainers through education.

Benefits of Membership

See why thousands of dog trainers have discovered joining the APDT is an excellent investment.

Media Center

Official APDT Media Releases and media contact information.

APDT Staff

Information page about the APDT staff members.

The APDT Foundation

The APDT Foundation was created to help fund research of benefit to dog trainers and behavior counselors.


Trainer Search

Search for a Dog Trainer

The APDT Trainer Search allows you to search for trainers in your area based on city, zip code, services offered and other criteria. 

Our Educational Programs

Annual Educational Conference and Trade Show

Registration, speakers, highlights, travel deals, and more! 

Multi-Week Certificate Courses

APDT Certificate Courses are designed to provide in-depth education on specific topics. Students will attend weekly lectures, participate in online discussions with fellow classmates, and work on homework assignments.

APDT 90 min eLearning Courses

Participate live in an upcoming APDT 90 min eLearning course or view a past recording from our archive to learn various aspects of the dog training profession including learning, behavior, health and nutrition, laws and regulations, business, and general industry topics. Enjoy presentations by a wide variety of professionals from around the world.

APDT Body of Knowledge

The APDT encourages all trainers and aspiring trainers to pursue continuing education throughout their careers. In an effort to set a standard for what it means to be a "well rounded" dog trainer, the APDT has developed a Body of Knowledge. 

The APDT Chronicle of the Dog Publication

The quarterly The APDT Chronicle of the Dog keeps APDT members abreast of contemporary pet dog training techniques and provides a lively forum for discussion of dog training and behavior issues.

Member-Sponsored Educational Events

One of our membership benefits is the privilege of posting seminar/event information free of charge on this Web site.